Semco Salehi is a multidisciplinary artist  based in Toronto. His practice centres on film and phototaxis, to explore the multi-faceted aspects of the human condition.


Teazy- /ˈTːzi/ is an old Iranian slang term used on the streets of Iran, referencing sharp weapons such as blades and knives. Synonymous with hooliganism, it signifies a rhythm of life beating against normalcy, living on the edge, contrary to the status quo.

Photo & Video Installation

Pahlevan and his wife

Pahlevan and his wife” is a vivid representation of the experience of many immigrants, who live an insular existence by only following the culture and traditions they left behind.

Single channel Video
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Semco Salehi’s exhibition, Di-Gi Zoorkhooneh, is a microcosm of the inherent contradictions in a society whose identity is being constantly put to the test, one in which reconciling traditional values, its indigenous evolution and imported westernization come to represent an existential challenge.

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Imagine your day in Heaven

a reflection of seemingly opposing cultural views coming together in a rapidly evolving world through communication and understanding.



A commentary installation about the alienation that is experienced in a world where the news cycle is devoid of human connection.

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A collaboration with Iranian photojurnalists.

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