Sacrifilmed is a commentary installation about the alienation that is experienced in a world where the news cycle is devoid of human connection.
Today’s news cycle is immediate, providing live and often unprocessed, up-to-the minute footage and commentary of the world’s events via a plethora of news agencies and information sharing outlets.
With a simple click of your mouse, a tap on your smart-phone, or the switch of your remote you can access images and eyewitness reports from anywhere in the world.
Breaking news’ is tweeted, blogged, YouTubed, streamed and shared instantaneously with very little editing or processing. The world of social media and portable recording and transmission devices has made it possible for ordinary people to become producers of news and citizen journalists.
While the availability and transmission of news from one part of the globe to the next makes it possible to hear and see reports and experience events as they unfold, it has yet to succeed in engaging viewers to interact and engage proactively with the world events as active agents of change rather than passive consumers.
This piece was featured as part of 2011 annual Scotiabank Nuit Blanche – an all-night contemporary art event. The installation took place at Toronto’s Arta Gallery (Suite 102, Bldg. 9 Mill St) in the Distillery District on October 1 from 7pm to 5am.